The Great Beauty Rome Locations

The Great Beauty Rome Locations

Set in contemporary Rome, the Great Beauty film won the recently concluded Oscar awards as the best foreign film. It is one of the most impressive films of the Cannes Film Festival. It became Italy’s official presentation during this year’s Academy Awards.

A brainchild of Paolo Sorrentino, The Great Beauty is a powerful and evocative story of hedonism as well as lost love. It is an exceptional representation of contemporary Rome, showing life as a performance with the city as its stage. It emerged the best foreign film during the Oscar Awards. Some of the Rome locations that stand out in this film include the following:

1. Lungo Tevere: This monument is considered Rome’s watery artery with a characteristic reflection of ancient and renaissance monuments. The river is an important feature in the history of the city as it’s the location where Romolus and Remus were abandoned. Views of Rome from either side of Tiber have been used in various film and artworks within the country and beyond.

2. Via Veneto: it is one of Rome’s most expensive streets, with a combination of residential and high-end shopping. This makes it a central location in Le Grande Bellezza. The street features regularly in most Italian films because it’s home to some of the striking features such as Café de Parris and Harry’s bar, among others.

3. Parco Degli Acquedotti: this is a 15-hectare public park, ideal for recreational and social activities. It contains remains of Villadelle Vignacce and part of Acqua Claudia. The street graces the film with magnificence and splendour.

4. Villa del Priorato: This is another distinguished location in the film Great Beauty Rome. The place was originally a fortified monastery, located in Aventine Hill. Here is where you can find the Grand Priory of the sovereign Military order of Malta.

These are just some of the many locations depicted in ‘The Great Beauty’. Other locations include Sant’ Agnese in Agone, La Terme di Caracalla, and Fontanna Dell’Acqua Paola.







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