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What to do in Rome in two hours

Hints and tips for visiting the Eternal City in just two hours

Rome is known for its beauty but also for being a chaotic city, so travelling takes longer than it should. If you only have two hours to make a fleeting visit to the Eternal City, follow these tips.

The first rule is to travel by metro because it is the fastest way to get around if you arrive by train at theTermini Station.

If you take the Metro A, in 10 minutes you will find yourself in Piazza di Spagna, with the splendid Fontana della Barcaccia, recently restored: it is one of the most elegant places in the city and a little further on is the famous Spanish Steps, with its 135 steps dating back to 1725.

At the apex of this sumptuous flight of steps is the church of the same name, from which you get a very impressive view. In summer, the flowers further embellish this city salon. An urban story has it that the women who sit on its steps want to send a clear message about their 'predisposition' for love.

From Trinità dei Monti you can take a walk on the most glamorous street in Rome: Via Condotti. When you get about halfway down, turn left and walk down Via del Corso, which will take you directly in front of theAltar of the Fatherlandalso known as the 'Victorian' in about 15 minutes on foot or even less by bus.

You will be struck by the dazzling white of this monument built by Victor Emmanuel II and which since 1921 has housed the remains of the Unknown Soldier, guarded by two soldiers. The monument stands on the slope of the Capitoline Hill and on the right side you can also visit the Capitoline City Hall and the Basilica of Santa Maria In Ara Coeli.

On the left, however, the road opens up most fascinating in Rome with a view of the Imperial Forum that will take you back to the past splendour of the eternal city: everywhere you turn you will see something ancient and it is not difficult to imagine the life of the ancient Romans.

About 500 metres further on is the symbol of Rome, the Colosseum, imposing and always full of charm: here I suggest you stop and visit it from the inside, because right in front of it is the metro that will take you back to your starting point.

If you have 20 minutes left take a taxi to Santa Sabina and visit the ancient Basilica then Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta: you will find a small queue peeking through a keyhole; try it too and you will see St Peter's Basilica from the Aventine.

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