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Rome's Most Romantic Places

Rome, you know, is a city of a thousand souls: evocative places, intimate and hidden nooks and crannies, monuments that show themselves in all their magnificence, and romance that pervades the air. There are, however, some places that are certainly more romantic than others, places where you can lose yourself hand in hand with your love, or ideal spots for a first date with someone you want to win over.

One of the most romantic places in Rome is for example the Zodiac, one of the most famous belvederes in the capital, on Monte Mariofrom which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city and the Castelli Romani. Frequented by lovers from all over Rome, it is the ideal place to stop for a bite to eat in a small restaurant or simply take a walk at sunset.

Another special place is the Clivo dei Savelli, the charming little street on the Lungotevere that leads from the Bocca della Verità towards Testaccio. Following this road you will reach the top of the Aventine, skirting the walls of the Savelli castle and finally arrive at the famous Orange Garden, a magical place from which you will be captivated by the splendid view of the entire city.

Romantic sunset too you can enjoy from the Janiculum Hill: the walk, built at the end of the 19th century, runs along the walls built by Urban VIII in the 17th century and allows you to reach the top of the hill. From there you will experience the thrill of seeing all of Rome set ablaze by the setting sun. Then take Via Garibaldi to Trastevere, where you can stop to eat in one of the many typical restaurants.

Impossible, when talking about the most romantic places in Rome, not to think of the Lungotevere, whose slow flow has cradled the dreams and promises of so many lovers over the centuries. A favourite spot for true romantics is theFlaminio Bridge, which from sunset onwards turns into a dreamy place loved especially by young couples. And, if we are talking about young people, we cannot fail to mention a place that inspired one of the most famous stories in romantic literature in recent years, Ponte Milvio, the famous bridge of padlocks.

Then you can't miss a classic of Roman Sundays, the world-famous Villa Borghese, where those in the mood for a day in the open air will find a timeless paradise. You won't be short of romantic diversions: from a simple stroll to the Terrazza del Pincio, from where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world, to a picnic on the grass enjoying the cool shade of a tree, to a rowing boat ride on the small lake. A true classic of romance.

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