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Visiting Rome with Children

Contrary to popular beliefvisiting Rome with children is not only possible but also an exciting experience.

Wandering the streets of the historic centre telling them about the history of this city is certainly one of the most interesting moments as it establishes a relationship with one's children in which the mixture of history, legends and curiosities is nourished by the architectural and artistic beauties found in the capital.

Certainly everything cannot be limited to a pedantic and useless explanation, but where you can find that special alchemy of interest, I can assure you that it will capture their attention and curiosity and, therefore, expect a flood of questions on the subject.

Rome also offers a lot of inspiration for those who, like me, have travelled with the family, so that a trip can be enjoyed all together.

Beyond the many parks that exist in the city - from Villa Borghese to Villa Ada and Villa Pamphili - and which are to be regarded as oases where one can lie down on the grass, perhaps in the shade of some leafy tree, after playing football with the children; and in addition to the many merry-go-rounds that suddenly open up on some of the city's squares and gardens and the many playrooms that are omnipresent, a visit to the Wax Museum in Piazza SS. Planetarium at Piazza Agnelli in Eur, and at the Bioparco in Villa Borghese, where you can admire many animal species in what was once the city's zoo, now transformed into a place that respects the needs of the animals that live there.

Those who visit Rome with children and have a certain amount of time to devote exclusively to them, can easily reach the playground in Valmontone, namely the Rainbow Magicland to spend a whole day enjoying the many attractions inside.

If you are a water lover and visit Rome in the summer, there is nothing better than spending a day in the Hydromania.

Certainly taking a picture with children next to centurions may be something that will be appreciated with time even though it might seem like a cliché now, but I confess that I did it and seeing my son wearing the feathered helmet and shakily holding the mock gladius was electrifying.

Visiting Rome with children can turn into a fun time that allows you to enhance your relationship with your children even more by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the eternal city.

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