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The Orange Garden

The Lovers' Garden Park in Rome

The Orange Garden in Rome is a park much loved by the Romans, located on the summit of the Aventine Hill, which is located in the southernmost part of the city, reaching down to the Tiber at its lowest point: on that same slope rises the Ripa district, of which the garden is a part.The Orange Gardenis actually called Savello Park because it fell within what was once land owned by the Savelli family, who erected a defensive fortress here in the 13th century, of which only a few ruins remain today within the garden.

The Orange Garden has had this conformation since 1300, when it was created by the architect De Vivo. Few people in Rome know the history of this beautiful green lung within the city, from which one can enjoy an excellent view of the Eternal City.

Some say thatFrom any of the many belvederes in Rome's Orange Garden, you can enjoy the best view of the city without having to spend a euro to admire this spectacle. The common name, as can be easily guessed, comes from the numerous bitter orange trees that create a small orchard.

There are many Romans who decide to spend a few hours of the day here, to carve out a few moments of relaxation, breathing good air and enjoying the silence that reigns in this ancient garden, which has passed through history and has also been home to many religious and political personalities of the past, such asPope Onofrio IVwho lived in the Savelli fortress for some time. you can sit on a bench and read, walk or run in total freedom.

As in many other areas of RomeThis is also home to numerous churches, boasting centuries of glorious history, such as the church of Sant'Alessio, just a few steps from one of the entrances to the park. Although it is not considered one of the major Roman churches, it is worth a visit for its particular architectural beauty, which will leave you speechless.

Also, after a stroll through the Orange Garden, you cannot fail to visit the famous lock, the so-called 'mejo buco de Roma', from which you can see the Dome in all its majestic beauty, one of the city's most special attractions.

You can visit the Orange Garden in Rome every day, from dawn to dusk, even on public holidays. There are three entrances, one on Via S. Sabina, one on Clivio di Rocca Savella and the main one on Piazza Pietro d'Illiria.

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