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Visiting the Imperial Forums of Rome

To discover the extraordinary greatness of our past, you can organise a visit to the Imperial Forums in Rome. The Imperial Forums are the largest, and most fascinating, archaeological site in the world and absolutely deserve to be discovered.

If you want to visit them, you can take the metro B and get off at the Colosseum. If you prefer buses, the area is served by lines 84, 85, 87,175 and 810. The Forums are open every day, except Tuesdays, from 9am to 7pm. Remember, however, that the ticket office closes an hour earlier.

A visit to the Imperial Forums in Rome starts from Piazza Venezia and leads to the Colosseum, showing you the great Rome of the emperors. When we speak of the Imperial Forums, we are in fact talking about a series of monumental squares, all built between 46 BC and 113 AD.

The Forum of Caesaronce surrounded by porticoes and embellished by a temple dedicated to the goddess 'Venus Genetrix', is the first large imperial square you will encounter. Commissioned by the great Julius Caesar, it was probably completed by Augustus.

The second large square imperial is the Forum Augustusinaugurated in 2 BC; it housed a temple dedicated to 'Mars Ultor'.

In 75 A.D. the Forum of Peace. Commissioned by Vespasian to celebrate the conquest of Jerusalem, it was destroyed by terrible fire and then rebuilt by order of Septimius Severus in 192 AD.

Between the Forums of Caesar, the Forum of Peace and the Forum of Augustus, stands the Forum of Nerva, called the Transitory Forum because of its location; it was characterised by a temple erected in honour of Minerva.

Finally, the last of the complex forensi is the Forum of Trajan built between 107 and 112 A.D. It is the largest and most majestic and consisted of a rectangular square.

Today, the Imperial Forums, are often attractive locations for events and happenings.

Romans and touristsThey choose it to greet the New Year in music and joy. Great artists, including international ones, make it the setting for their concerts.

Without forgetting that the Forums are starting, or finishing points, of important events or parades. Of all of them, we would like to mention the Military Parade on 2 June, on the occasion of Republic Day.

A visit to the Imperial Forums of Rome, in any season, will provide you with an exciting and unforgettable experience. And it is a wonderful opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the Domus Aurea, the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.

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